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nolf 1 cheat codes

This list below consists of all of the NOLF 1 cheat codes in existence and each of them has been tried and tested before being submitted. All of the codes are for SP, unless marked otherwise. If you are here because you are stuck on SP NOLF, I would advise you do not to just skip the level, but instead try a Walkthrough rather than cheating your way through NOLF as the SP is a great game if played properly. On the other hand the cheats codes do offer a new way for you to enjoy NOLF after completing it the first time around.

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mpasscam 3rd person view (MP)
mpsanta full health, armor, weapons, gadgets
mpwonderbra full armor
mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkey all armor upgrades (plasters,earplugs etc)
mpkingoftehmonstars all weapons + ammo
mpmimimi all weapons
mpgoattech all weapons upgrade (siliencer,scope etc)
mpwegotdeathstar max ammo
mpimyourfather invincibility
mpexorbitantamounts more blood
mprosebud spawns snowmobile
mpracerboy spawns motorbike
mpmaphole skip level
mpmiked end game
mpclip spectator mod code*
mpbuild show game build
mppos shows your position

* Requires Spectator.rez in order to use

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